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Are 55 Plus Communities a Good Investment?

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Trying to figure out life upon retirement can be confusing, and even a little stressful. Whether your relatives have offered you housing or you’re looking for a new lifestyle, planning your next step isn’t always easy! If you’ve done plenty of thinking, you’ve probably wondered, “Are 55 plus communities a good investment?”

After all, it can seem like a huge hassle to move into a whole different community. But doing so can enrich your life in a way that you wouldn’t be able to do outside of a 55 plus community. So keep reading to find out. We’ll let you know about the benefits of 55 plus communities and why you’re likely to find everything you need here – and more.


Ladera Retiring this Year

Finally getting to use your retirement funds may seem like a stressful prospect. With limited options for earning an income, some older adults don’t want to overspend. That might prevent them from making large financial investments. But committing to a home in a retirement community when you’re older could be easier than when you were younger. This is especially true if you’ve paid off your mortgage from your previous home.

By selling it, you can place plenty of equity into your prospective retirement home. This can help ease concerns about buying a new home. However, the benefits continue even after moving in. You won’t have to pay so many additional costs for maintenance, security, and other amenities as we will explain below. 


Active adult communities are a little different from other neighborhoods, and that difference largely involves the demographic involved. In a retirement community, you’ll meet plenty of other people in a similar stage of life as yours.

Every person is different regardless of the age range they share with the people around them. Nonetheless, meeting people with similar lifestyle goals as yours can make it much easier to connect with them. Not only that, but as opposed to your neighbors in other neighborhoods, you’ll probably share the same amount of free time as everyone else.

Active retirement communities also emphasize community-building even more than other neighborhoods. Instead of residents being left to their own devices, there are plenty of community-wide social events that encourage people to get to know their neighbors. It is very hard to be bored and/or lonely if you take advantage of even a fraction of the opportunities presented. This community will make an effort to reach out to you, so make sure you reach back!


Retirement communities are more than about housing. There are plenty of amenities within the community to enrich your everyday life and make it more convenient.

Regular exercise becomes even more important as you get older. Exercising on a daily basis can ward off disease, regular cardiovascular health, and more! That’s why it’s great that retirement communities offer exercise options such as:

  • Exercise classes
  • Fitness centers
  • Pools
  • Pickleball courts

Ladera also offers walking trails and close, close proximity to nature. Anyone that wants to enjoy Mother Nature’s gifts will thoroughly enjoy the view out their window at home and their surroundings anywhere else in the community. Being able to slow down and fully enjoy the natural beauty around you can do wonders for your mental health and daily routine.

The special benefits of 55 plus communities also involve a lack of presence of children, allowing you to enjoy these amenities in relative peace. Though some of us might have some particularly young loved ones in our lives, it’s nice to be able to exercise in the park without worrying about any added stressors.


Being able to take care of your house only gets harder as you get older. This is true especially if you care deeply about the landscape around your property. The ability to address this concern is why many choose a retirement community to reside in. That’s because communities, and Ladera in particular, have a “lock and leave” culture. Instead, Ladera has landscape maintenance services with no added fee to ensure that your home’s exterior stays fresh.

This is most beneficial for those who physically cannot take on the strain of tending to their landscape as much as they need to. They most likely also don’t have the luxury of being able to hire a landscaper of their own. We make sure that our residents’ comfort is built into the community. After all, it is our responsibility to look out for our residents’ unique needs. 

Safety & Security

Another benefit of this “lock and leave” policy is residents’ ability to lock their doors and even take long, leisurely trips without worrying about their landscape being unattended. So whether you’re taking a day trip a mile away or relaxing on a five-day cruise, you won’t have to worry about keeping your home unprotected.

Retirement communities have great security & safety measures along with a dedicated security force. This allows residents to not have to worry about their homes being broken into while they’re away. At Ladera, residents can enjoy this security while at home. This way, residents won’t have to worry about being unprotected in terms of their own safety and their homes’ security.

Are 55 Plus Communities a Good Investment?

The answer to this is – yes! If you’re wondering what the best next step is for you, our team is eager to show you all that is waiting for you in one of our Ladera communities and help you plan your next phase of life.

At Ladera, we understand exactly what residents need from their community. That’s why our 55 plus communities are optimized for optimal enjoyment and minimal maintenance on residents’ part.