Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

One of the great things about choosing a Ladera Fort Worth TX retirement community is the fact that your outside home maintenance is taken care of for you. Inside your beautiful homes, you have the benefit of a downsized living space that still offers plenty of comfort and space. Even though your home doesn’t require the same level of maintenance as larger homes, it’s still good to give it a thorough cleaning now that spring has arrived. Here are some easy tips for projects big and small.

With all of the great walking trails in the Ladera communities, inevitably, some dirt is going to get tracked into your home. Ideally, you should have a mat on each side of the door for the best chance at catching it all. When it comes time to clean the mats, hose off and air dry the outdoor mats and vacuum both sides of the indoor mats. By vacuuming the bottom, it will also push some of the dirt out, which can then be vacuumed up. Use this same trick for vacuuming rugs in your home.

In the kitchen, go ahead and give your freezer and refrigerator a good cleaning, emptying everything and tossing anything past its prime. As you clean, don’t forget the rubber seals, which can often end up with some mildew. If you have granite counters, now is a good time to use a granite cleanser and polish to help repel stains and make the granite shine. Make sure you use a special granite cleanser even for daily cleanings. Your cutting boards probably need a bit of TLC, too. If there are some stubborn stains, sprinkle some salt or baking powder and use half of a cut lemon to give the boards a scrub and then rinse thoroughly.

In the bathroom, go ahead and throw your shower curtain in the wash to get rid of any buildup or mildew that might be on it. Then simply let it hang to dry. Consider using a bleach cleanser once or twice a month, spraying it on and then letting the shower rinse it off (before you get in). Now is also a good time to go through your cabinets and toss any expired medicine, makeup or other products and give your makeup brushes a good cleaning. If you have white grout in your bathroom, use a strong cleanser like CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleanser to spray on and let sit for 15 minutes and then go over it with a sturdy scrub brush for noticeably cleaner grout and tiles.

Spring cleaning is typically about getting to those bits you don’t usually clean as often. For example, curtains tend to build up dust over time, so toss them in the dryer on the air-only setting for 10-15 minutes to freshen them and then immediately rehang them. You can also toss in throw pillows. Your furniture should also get a deeper clean, first by moving it away from the walls and vacuuming under and behind it, but also use your vacuum’s attachments to get into the corners and crevices along any trim and under the cushions. You should also start vacuuming your mattress regularly when you change your sheets. Finally, don’t forget to clean the corners of your ceilings and your ceiling fans. An extendable duster is great for getting those hard-to-reach spots, including the tops of bookcases.

These are just a few of the areas that sometimes get overlooked during regular cleaning, but don’t necessarily take too much work to clean up as part of your spring cleaning routine. Take a look around your home and go ahead and do something about those odds and ends that you think about but never seem to get around to cleaning, including your brooms and vacuum. Soon, your beautiful home in the Ladera Fort Worth TX retirement community will be sparkling.