Tips on Choosing a Retirement Community


Choosing a retirement community in Dallas TX or anywhere in the country is an important task. Just as you thought carefully about purchasing your first home and the needs you envisioned for the coming years, so must you think about an over-55 active adult or retirement community. Our needs change as we get older and it is important to be realistic in our living choices. Fortunately, retirement communities like Ladera offer an array of benefits and attractions that will appeal to many people looking for a home for this new phase in their life.

First off, it is important to think about the kind of home you want. Do you truly want a stand-alone home with a large yard you will need to manage or would a condo or smaller home and yard be more realistic? Many retirement communities offer a variety of options, including yard maintenance, so it is important to determine what is best for you in the coming years.

Similarly, the size and layout of your home is of utmost importance. After all, no matter how much time you spend out and about exploring the city or the world, your home is still your home and it should feel like one you’re happy to return to every time. A great deal of thought is being put into today’s contemporary retirement community homes. As well as creating beautiful homes, designers are taking into consideration other important issues. Designers understand that most older homeowners don’t want to — or can’t — deal with stairs on a daily basis, so the owner suites are located on the first floor, even if the home has guest rooms upstairs. Similarly, layouts often include extra space in doorways and overall flow to allow for wheelchair access.

One of the reasons people choose an over-55 active adult community is the desire for interaction and the option of plenty of entertainment and socializing. Whether it’s going for walks around the neighborhood, playing cards, movie nights, art classes or rounds of tennis or golf, it’s important to find a community that offers what interests you. The benefit of not having to travel far to take part in a variety of activities is one of the many perks of a good retirement community.

Of course, you still need to take into consideration the costs, the requirements — such as neighborhood/homeowner association rules, etc. — the reliability of management, and even rules on grandchildren visiting. Make sure you do your research and think carefully about what you’re getting for your hard-earned money. You want a community that has its own perks, but also has easy access to amenities in the surrounding area.

Finally, as you’re narrowing down your choice of a retirement community in Dallas TX, don’t forget to talk to the people who actually live there. They can give you a real sense of what day-to-day life is like. By talking to multiple residents — including those taking part in activities you hope to enjoy — you can get a better feel for if it feels like the community for you. You know what feels right, so with solid research, you’ll be able to find the community that is right for you.