Ways to Reduce Waste at Home



It’s hard not to be aware of the calls to reduce waste and recycle whenever possible. When you do start recycling, you quickly realize just how much plastic shows up in our lives on a daily basis. It seems to multiply any time you turn your back! While you don’t have to worry about properly getting rid of yard waste when you live in one of the Ladera retirement communities in Dallas TX, thanks to them taking care of all yard maintenance, you should still make an effort to reduce the amount of waste in your home.

First off, try to avoid packaged foods as often as possible in the store. Some of it is obviously going to be packaged and you should look for the appropriate way to recycle it, but when possible, look for bulk-good stores that let you bring your own glass or reusable containers or shop at local farmers markets where there’s less plastic in use.

Speaking of reusable containers, try to have as many as possible for your pantry. Glass ones look pretty, whether they’re specifically purchased for storage or are reused from food items you’ve already purchased. Plus, they let you see how much you have left at a glance and also help keep your dry good fresh and free of pests.

Whether you’re shopping at the grocery store or any other store, always take reusable bags with you so you can avoid unnecessary plastic shopping bags. Plenty of stores automatically bag your purchase, so tell them you already have a bag before they start reaching for it. Even if a store offers paper bags, it’s better to just use your own. Fortunately, there are a variety of options available, including spacious ones that fold up small and can be kept in your bag or in your car, even in the glove compartment, so you’ve always got some on hand. You can also choose attractive, durable tote bags that are stylish or make a statement. Have fun with your shopping bags!

Another way you can reduce waste and make a stylish statement is with reusable water bottles. Unless you really have an aversion to your tap water, skip the bottled water and go ahead and use tap water to fill up your own reusable water bottle. You can always put the water through a filter first if you’re particularly concerned. Today’s reusable bottles come in a variety of colors, patterns, styles, and shapes so you can find one that works best for you and is designed to be safely used for years. Don’t just reuse the plastic bottles your water comes in. They can release toxins over time and are better to be recycled immediately.

There are all sorts of food delivery services available these days, but unfortunately, that tends to mean a lot of plastic containers, utensils and other items that aren’t always easy to recycle. Try to skip delivery and either make your own easy dinners or make the effort to go out for dinner instead. For those days when you really want delivery, consider doing some research in advance to find restaurants that use recyclable containers as much as possible.

No matter how much waste you try to reduce, there’s always going to be something that needs to be recycled. Make sure you clearly understand what your local recycling accepts and look for other places that take more challenging recycling items that your regular recycler may not accept. Electronics, batteries, and similar items can all be recycled, they just may need to go somewhere a bit more specialized. It’s worth it to prevent all sorts of chemicals and plastic from leaching into the ground or simply sitting there in a waste dump for thousands of years.

Think about the beautifully maintained grounds in the Ladera retirement communities in Dallas TX. You’d hate to see them littered with plastic and other waste, and you shouldn’t want needless waste to end up anywhere, even in landfills. By making an effort to reduce waste and recycle everything possible, you’ll help keep nature a little bit healthier and prettier.